Key Club, you never fail to change me for the better.

Scott Greenberg was right. Key Club really is an escape. My own, personal, escape. Not from the cruel world, but from my own. Key Club helped me see that there are others out there who need my help. But to help others, you need to help yourself first. So, it’s time to cut those sandbags off.I’m done holding myself back.

DCON 2013, you’ve brought me back up.  I hope y’all believe in me enough to know that I’m changing. In fact, I’ve already changed, thanks to all your beautiful hearts and inspiring words. I WILL get that Distinguished Vice President Award at DCON 2014, no matter what.

I’m cutting those sandbags off, raising that Key Club spirit, and maybe along the way, I’ll inspire at least one of y’all to open yourself up to see the amazing things Key Club can do for you, and of course, the world.

I<3KCI, Ohana4lyfe.

@jayquachie @princesstrinh @celinatheasian wahh missed so many others but i’ll find y’all ;)

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